Thursday, August 20, 2015

Enough Already

Enough already with the: “how little can I do”, enough, enough, enough. Start coming from, what more can I do, and how can I help you? Your life will be far happier, and far more successful. Care more about what you do and how you do it. This, is what is missing, everywhere! BUT REALLY! Don’t be happy with doing so little and being put out about it. So much more can be gained and it is not about the gaining it is about the giving and in the giving there is the gaining, but the giving comes first. SO get off it, nobody cares about all your reasons. Your reasons are nothing more than reasons for playing small. WHO CARES? NO ONE! Oh sure, you might be able to get a little agreement from those who play small, but that is not where the game is won.

 Be happy with the job you do, and the service or product you deliver that is what counts. Spend more time listening and thinking how you can make this great. But really leave all of the excuses behind, you are someone who doesn’t need to rely on excuses. Excuses are nothing more than, why you didn’t Forget it, excuses give you nothing and will always give you nothing. Be someone, you can count on, and watch how your world evolves. To: higher levels, opening doors and climbing ladders where excuses would never lead you.

 Excuses have very little if any benefit. In fact all excuses do, is keep you stuck. When so little is count-on-able; be a star in the very dark sky. Be someone, you are proud to be. When people find out because of your example the world takes on a whole new glow. Don’t hesitate and don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself.

Next time opportunity is knocking and you will know when it is, try it out. Be someone who listens, gets it and is more than willing, able and ready to do what needs to be done. Be someone but really be SOMEONE and watch as you are doing it, how your world changes all for the better.

The secret is really not a secret you know and I know when you are playing full out time passes without a care. Doing what you love to do helps but is not always required. Your word, your determination your willingness to be great really is all that matters and it is only because you said so.

Try it and just see what happens

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Looking inside out and rather liking it.

There is something inside our conversation we have with and in ourselves that puts the kibosh on it, without any hesitation wham it’s there. Not always but sometimes it stems back to a decision we made be true, probably in upset that has guided us thus far undistinguished as such, leaving little or no room for spontaneity, a whim, a gush of good thought to lead the way to excitement. Only when we choose not to give up and say that that we want shall it ever come. Being open is a struggle for many in varying degrees. And if you think that isn’t bad enough wait till you hear this. We most times spend an inordinate amount of time in negative thoughts and words, listen to what we tell ourselves. Notice the conversations that go on in your head, oh pretty much constantly and what are they saying are they lifting you up or burying you? The conversations we have with others exhilarating or exasperating? Notice the words others banter about there is a certain omnipresence the water we swim the air we breathe. You need to decide on that which you want, because if you don’t it won’t be there and just know all of it, is up to you. Good news, bad news however you call it is up to you. But really when you really can get that it is all up to you, that is when you can start to fly, but really. Get it and Fly. Our thoughts, our perceptions, ways in which we see the world are so, the deciding factor. No kidding you need to look no further, there it is and you know what, you want to get this, IT is good news. It is good news if you choose to treat it so. There is no, maybe and maybe not. It is decided in our speaking, in our listening, in our way of being, Good news, bad news it is what you choose. We are here and what we decide to do or not do, is really all on us. Taking ourselves out of the game I don’t know about you, but that is something I am becoming more aware of, a thrown way of being I have, I now choose to have a say in that ongoing, and not just remove myself. If you want it you can have it but it requires that we wake up, get up, step to the plate and take action. It is good news only if we say so and I am asking you to say yes so we have a place in which to begin. Being ready is a help but not always required. Many spend their lives just getting ready but never move beyond ready. “I am not ready” is often murmured. I would like to suggest “ready” is over rated. It has a tendency to slow our thinking and our ways of being, imagine not being ready and see what you get. I like better ready or not here I come and let the chips fall where they may. You want to sing, start singing. You want to dance get out on the floor and dance. Write what are you waiting for? Learn, be a great learner. Teach, be the best you can be, what would we be waiting for? It is our game and the limits are our doing, it is not until we get that, do we have a choice.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Disconnect from within and from without

Disconnect is very prevalent, look around and see all of the; disconnect in life. We might all see different aspects of this disconnect, but there will be a theme which resonates that most likely, is a direct reflection or frequency of our, current being. Not anything to get upset about but simply to notice. Most of this is never conscience to us, we move as we will, through life never truly present to the choice in life, ongoing we spend time in our heads, inside of a critical banter, constant assessment, that leaves us half deflated and kind of waiting for the next blow and we don’t have to.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

It’s Not Over There, It is Over Here.

It’s not over there, it is over here. Spending lifetimes searching; over there, out there, waiting and wanting, wishing and hoping, blessing and cursing as the moments have it. All in looking out there, for it to be okay over here. A constancy in search of and “search” might imply ample effort noting, that might not always be the case. We have this notion that I need to be confirmed, made whole, completed by, others so to be okay over here. Stop and listen; we don’t have to, but really. We have been taught since a very young age to follow rules. Through parent figures we were taught; when to speak, when to eat, when to sleep. Many of these concepts make good sense, probably most, are of benefit. However, when we solely or more times than not rely on, the out there and then are left with a rather empty or unhappy way of being, caught up in what I would term a “false notion” undistinguished as such. Happiness is something that shall elude us, if we are not granted happiness by an outside force or other or thing. We don’t dare look within, and why is that? Somewhere along the line we got our wires crossed. We turn away from ourselves, we find very little love with ourselves. Spend a great deal of time, scolding, not being for ourselves, experiencing less than moments, with ourselves. We somewhere along the line, disconnected from ourselves, and made everybody else “the keepers of our fate”. I dare not think for a moment I have every right to be happy. I shall give myself space in which to be happy right here and right now, regardless the circumstance. That would be egotistical, what would others say? Have I the right to choose for myself? To make a declaration inside a whole world, with no agreement. Holding fast, no matter how hard the winds blow or high the tide rises, to find moments of peace, and joy, serenity and comfort in knowing deep within that love is present in my speaking, hearing, touching, feeling in my very core just because I have allowed it to be so. So all of the other, shall have to recede back to a nonexistence.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Taking It to the next level, willing to raise the bar 5%

Taking It to the Next Level Willing to raise the bar 5%, I knew that this is going to be something I could do and I started to look to see just what that might look like. I actually became a bit excited because I am thinking 5% no sweat I can do that. When one is able to see the value in; the extra thought, task, or concept that will be raising the bar, one’s energy is on the rise. It puts oomph, where there was none. Juices begin to flow ideas begin to roll when you can actually see value in what you are up to. Having fun helps this process to be undergone in an Up- beat manner that will definitely catch others off guard. What is going on, what is happening with her or him… with you. When one, begins to acknowledge; just who they are, and all they have to offer. It might be a bit like tooting your own horn but you will not have to, for others will sing your praise. Doing more than what you, are expected to do is a great way in which to start. This is good news… not bad news. Really it is, you shine when you are in the zone. When your commitment is bigger than, the drab ever, familiar tales we tell ourselves, we are actually able to move mountains When one thing leads to the next thing, to the next thing we are in “the zone”. When, we find that we are more excited about what we offer, and the job we do, there is a very noticeable verve in the air and it starts in our speaking, then spells into our being, our actions, our new ideas and concepts and enhances all areas of our lives Putting more into what you do, is something that changes up the game. Puts you in the driver seat, so where you are headed is your call, you now have the say so, no longer at the effect of, you will find yourself out in front and leading the way… and we are talking 5 percent. Robert Bilheimer

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Take the GUESS WORK out of it.

Pssst make it look like you are OPEN for business take; any body having to guess whether or not you are still open for business out of any equation. Take pride in what you are up, shine it up, clear out all that stuff that just sucks the air out of the space, make fresh. When business owners actually step out from behind and then step in from the front, can they then see what is experienced over there. Very important not to over look for a couple of reasons, first being we need to always have our intention on providing our very best in whatever it is we are offering. No second bests, we are providing our best at all times not just when we kinda feel like it and it is okay when we don't, we are talking all times,] and understand this is not only done for the client or customer, it is also done maybe more importantly, for the one rendering the service, it is a good thing always to do our best, and when we do, people know it and that is where repeat business, people telling people, people thinking up reasons to use your service, because they know you do your best. There must be at least four reasons you need to know them why anybody would want to come to you. Why would people come to you? What do you offer that will be incumbent upon them coming to you? What is your value, that you are offering? When value meets up with service you have got a winner. When people wonder aimlessly, not knowing where to turn how will they find you? People want service when I say service it is a mix of; welcome, knowledge, interest, thought, and performance with a dash of of love served with a smile. If you don't think you can do it will then the very best of luck to you. We are about creating businesses worth having just cause we said so and just cause we are up to the game and we want to play. Creating an environment is quintessential if what you offering is feel, touch, taste, or smell oriented. Rest and leasure have an appeal to those who live in mayhem. People know when something is really good, really fresh, really fun. really cheap, really something, to like very much, and when they do you have a loyal client/customer/friend.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Not so Fast, Hey wait a Minute. Por Favor

We need to see ourselves differently but really differently, not reverted back before we have even thought, it through. Seeing ourselves differently is no small task it is not just a 3 minute exercise it requires something of us, it not just a wave of a wand. Being available for a conversation about seeing ourselves differently is perhaps a more adult conversation or maybe it is just the opposite; it is the child within us having a conversation with the adult that is contemplating seeing one’s self differently. We can make it up as we go. But we will notice and be aware, as we journey on. When we ask “what would seeing yourself differently, look like, what might we see? Just look, keep looking, keep looking and then maybe look a little more. See what is there maybe there is nothing, nothing comes to mind, could not think of a thing and just maybe that is because we have spent a life time, talking ourselves out it, before we even start, and making matters worse we have carried that conversation along with us, for a life time. Maybe if you squint a little so you can look real far, there might have been, a time when? This conversation spells over, into all the things that are important to us in our lives, and of course sure some things that are not all that important. It is the simply a conversation and the work involved here is creating a conversation that …. And creating it as we go.